Home and Industrial Automation

As we all know that Internet of things (IoT) is a budding technology which is making our world smarter day by day. The idea of allied world cannot be anticipated without Iot. An IoT based smart home is definitely one such example. Home automation system is designed to integrate all of your home appliances. We, at Microinstance, build both office and home automation system to control functions and features of all the appliances or devices automatically with the help of internet from anywhere around the world, it can sometimes be called a smart home as it is meant to save human energy as well as electric power.

It doesn’t only give you the opportunity to save the electricity but also gives you comfort and peace of mind. We offer full office and home automation services with the help of our Smart Switch. Our user friendly automation device sync together accordingly to your convenience and security.

With the office and home automation service you will easily be able to manage all your home devices from one place, the convenience aspect here is enormous and as mentioned earlier, it offers an unprecedented level of security. Home automation has actually become the reality; in fact experts believe that it will get more efficient with time.

With our assistance, office pace or home have it all on your fingertips. Provide us with your contact details to connect with us!

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